01 Our Brand


Wyoming Artisan Art transpired in the mountains of southern Wyoming nestled in the crux of the Platte Valley by Skyler and Marcy Knotwell. We are a husband-and-wife team based out of this beautiful valley where inspiration is abundant. Here, we created Wyoming Artisan Art, where we are fortunate to rub shoulders with creative people, wildlife, raw organic nature, and fresh mountain air. Inspired by our environment, we handcraft high-end kitchenware products by combining wood and resin to form pieces that are both practical and showcase themselves as a piece of artwork to feature in your home. We create charcuterie boards with hardwoods including walnut, maple, and olive wood.

We take pride in producing unique items which go on to be heirlooms in homes across the country.  

We use a UV-protected epoxy that is made in the USA and is both food-safe and eco-friendly. This particular charcuterie board was made from walnut hardwood, sea glass, and gemstone chips in a semi-transparent aqua pigmented epoxy. 


 02 Our Craftsmanship


A citrus and spice resin charcuterie board 

Put simply, I am the artist and he’s the craftsman.


I did not have the advantage of studying art professionally or taking art classes, apart from a few high-school courses, however, art has always played an influential role in my life. While I started exploring the world of art very early in life, it wasn't until later when I definitely wanted to get serious and explore the world of abstract art using resin as the main medium.


My husband will tell you that he couldn’t draw a stick horse, but he can measure, cut, sand, and polish wood and resin like an expert. Born and raised a Wyomingite, he’s been a craftsman since he could put a tool in his hand. He is mindful of the people who will become connected to his craft through the sale of our high-quality handcrafted boards. Working with wood and resin is highly difficult because of the different materials that are joined to create the final piece. Challenges with smoothness, warping, and obtaining glass-like clarity can be abundant when working with these raw materials. He is multi-talented and passionately committed to his work and craftsmanship.


As an artist, I confess that I can be quite particular. I often ruminate for several days, sometimes, weeks, about the final outcome of any one project. A certain aesthetic sensibility must exist in my mind before I can begin working on a piece. If that doesn’t transpire, the canvas will just sit in an idle state until I can get a solid visualization of the piece and the course of action formulated in my mind.


During the process of designing, I love to explore how I can push the medium into something that stands alone, making it a true one-of-a-kind piece that is both functional as well as an artistic expression of its final home. The creation process is very suspenseful and at the same time invigorating. The art starts out showcasing a layered scene of vigorous energy; all moving with their own velocity jockeying for position forming a divine dimensional end. Truly serendipitous, the final piece can’t be envisioned until all motion has ceased. Each piece can take a couple of days or several weeks to complete. 


Together, we work on the same canvas, just not at the same time. We hand select the hardwood, we sort, we discuss, and we strategize together. We strive to create pieces with a sense of depth, movement, and rhythm that takes the viewer’s eye through the work; similar to the mood of music or dance. It’s rewarding when listening to people as they express different impressions when viewing our work.


 03 How Remodeling our Home Led to an Art Business  


As crazy as it may seem, Wyoming Artisan Art began with me looking to renovate our log home. I wanted to try taking what we already had and updating our kitchen countertops into something aesthetically pleasing. In researching different ideas to do just that, I inadvertently stumbled upon the idea of refinishing old countertops with resin. I experimented on several different types of canvas before settling on hardwoods as my primary focus. There was a point that I realized during my experimentations that what I was creating was sellable, and at that point I had to get serious about formulating a business for this creative outlet. Our artwork can be viewed and purchased at Studio T in Saratoga, Wyoming, Works of Wyoming in downtown Laramie, Wyoming, as well as http://www.wyomingartisianart.com.



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